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PERISCOPE on the "4 th COVID-19 “Research to Policy Action” Dialogue"
2 years ago

PERISCOPE on the "4th COVID-19 “Research to Policy Action” Dialogue"

PERISCOPE participated in the "4th COVID-19 “Research to Policy Action” Dialogue", which was held on October 20th, 2021.


The objective of this fourth “research to policy action” meeting was to facilitate an open discussion and dialogue on the theme of COVID-19 social and behavioural studies, including those studies on the impacts and uptake of non-pharmaceutical interventions and vaccination in different populations across Europe. Several EU-funded research projects look at different social impacts of interventions to control and tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially relevant now that over 70% of the EU population has been fully vaccinated and public health interventions might need to be modified to tackle new challenges.


Participants invited to the meeting included representatives (coordinators and work package leaders) from the EU-funded consortia that implement behavioural and social studies as well as other interested COVID-19 consortia. In addition, colleagues from ECDC and EMA, and different directorates and units from DG SANTE, DG R&I and the JRC are invited.