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PERISCOPE launches Its Introductory Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) On Coursera
a year ago

PERISCOPE launches Its Introductory Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) On Coursera

The PERISCOPE Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) “Tools and practices for Addressing Pandemic Challenges” was officially launched on the e-learning platform Coursera on the 13th of June.


This is an introductory course, that collects short lessons from the main courses that PERISCOPE partners are developing, and which will be available from September 2022.


Videos and learning materials have been grouped into three thematic modules:   



o    Data-driven approaches to pandemics, with four short lessons on:  

1.       Crowdsourcing, Gamification, and Data Collection for Decision Making  

2.       Network-based Financial Inclusion 

3.       Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare 

4.    High-resolution contact network data to simulate epidemic dynamics and the impact of digital contact tracing.  



o    Pandemic preparedness, prevention, and response, with four brief focuses on:  

1.       One Health: role in pandemic preparedness, prevention, and response  

2.       Strengthening territorial response for better health  

3.       Built Environment & Infectious Diseases 

4.       Ending Stigma and Improving Mental Health  



o    Social work during and after a pandemic, which consists of:  

1.       An overview 

2.       Ethnographic Insights into COVID-19 Vaccine Policymaking.  



Further information is available on the course’s landing page on Coursera. To attend this introductory MOOC as well as PERISCOPE’s upcoming MOOCs, it is necessary to create a Coursera account.


The course is completely free of charge, 100% online and administered in a self-paced learning modality, with the possibility of receiving a certificate of completion after the successful conclusion of all its modules.