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PERISCOPE partner launches participatory film
2 years ago
London School of Economics

PERISCOPE partner launches participatory film

PERISCOPE partner London School of Economics (LSE) launched a short film entitled "The Call Centre: the disproportionate effects of the pandemic on marginalised communities".


The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing forms of structural racism and inequality, and generated new social divides. As we emerge from it, we beginning to see the legacies of stigma and trauma that have disproportionately impacted certain groups – especially marginalised groups who are underserved by the state.  


This participatory film animates longer-term ethnographic research conducted over the past 24 months across the UK by LSE’s Covid and Care Research Group, led by Professor Laura Bear. It highlights the story of psychotherapist Suad Duale and the Somali single mothers who have stepped up to support their community in this time. Co-directed by Duale, Dr Nikita Simpson and Dr James Rattee, it provides insight into the profound work done by some people to ferry their communities through this crisis.


Watch the video at: 


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