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GeneGIS GI is an Italian SME that has been operating for over a decade in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and, more generally, in the field of geospatial computer applications. The company’s mission is to create specialised solutions aimed at the integration of geographic and spatial information in all kind of DSS systems, at any scale and level of detail, providing a full range of high value services in the Geo-ICT sector, including:

             Data Detection and Surveying (Aerial mapping and UAV, GPS/GNSS & Smart surveying, Photogrammetry, Laser scanning, EO and Remote sensing);

             Data Automation and Integration (Geodata processing, Spatial ETL and Dataflow automation, Geodatabase design/integration and Application connection);

             Systems Design and Development (Custom applications and System integration, Cloud services & Location based services, AM, Helpdesk, Training and Capacity building).

GeneGIS GI activities embraces different sectors, including: Natural Resources and Environment, Oil and Gas Utilities, Water Management, Fiber Optics and Telecommunication, Transportation and Logistics, Asset Management, Land Management, Cultural Heritage and Tourism.