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IHS is an independent, non-profit research institute in Vienna, Austria. It brings together high-level expertise from various disciplines (economics, sociology, and political science, among others) to address fundamental economic and social problems and policy choices. Internationally renowned scientists stay at the Institute as guest researchers, and PhD candidates use its excellent facilities to conduct their studies.

The IHS was incepted in 1963 under the auspices of two esteemed scholars, Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Oskar Morgenstern, with a generous grant from the Ford Foundation. Today, the Institute is funded by the Austrian government, by various public organisations and by commissioned research. IHS has coordinated and participated in numerous projects within the EU Framework Programs and has extensive experience in disseminating research results. Currently, the Institute counts approximately 150 employees. IHS employs approximately 150 researchers in its 8 research groups and 2 competence centres. Through the combination of basic academic research, applied research and policy advice on topics such as health, labour market, European integration, and education under one roof, it has a unique position in the Austrian scientific landscape.

The research group 'Health Economics and Health Policy' understands the concept of health economics as the application of economic theory to health and the health system. Striving to continuously enhance applied methods and analytical approaches, the group’s research therefore encompasses the complex interactions between economics, demographics, epidemiology and politics with the healthcare system. On the cutting-edge of international research, its studies provide decision support for health and economic policy. As an important Austrian hub for international research facilities and organisations, the group’s international contacts form a dense network for research and best practice that in turn can be used for commissioned projects. The work of the institute is regularly scrutinised by an international scientific board.


Team Members


Thomas Czypionka, WP3 Leader

Markus Kraus, Senior Researcher 

Siegfried Eisenberg, Staff Scientist

Miriam Reiss, Senior Researcher

Monika Riedel, Senior Researcher

Christoph Stegner, Staff Scientist