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The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is a leading German research university, with a 150-year history of excellence in research and teaching & learning in the natural sciences, engineering, life sciences and medicine. Committed to addressing the major challenges that society faces in the 21st century, it started in 2002 to add social science departments to its portfolio (first economics & business, followed by political science and public policy in 2017), seeking to advance, in particular, interdisciplinary research that inspires and empowers students and generates policy-relevant knowledge at the service of society. TUM has repeatedly been ranked first among German research universities in international/global rankings and among the top-5 in Europe.  A founding member of the EuroTech Universities Alliance and other networks that foster cooperation among academic researchers, the private sector, and a variety of civil society groups, TUM is regularly recognised for fostering collaboration in research, education & innovation in support of the EU's goal of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Through the Seventh European Union Research Framework Program and Horizon 2020, TUM has been involved in more than 400 EU research projects and coordinated more than 40 of them.


Team Members


Anelia Petrova

Annika Kaiser

Augusto Teixeira

Avirat Desai

Celine Heng

Christine Galvagna

Cindy Cheng

Clara Fochler

Costanza Schoenfeld

Enakshi Chatterjee

Ernesto Cruz Ruiz

Ezgi Oez

Henrike Sternberg

Ines Boehret

Isaac Bravo

Jose Muriel

Jurgen Kadriaj

Ka Yik Chan

Klea Vogli

Lakshmi Sreedhar

Laura Eckhoff

Luca Messerschmidt

Manuel Torres

Marco Waldbauer

Maria Zigka

Matthew Cottrell

Muneeba Rizvi

Nico Leipold

Paloma Laye

Saif Khan

Santiago Torres

Silvia Biagioli

Svanhildur Thorvaldsdottir

Tasia Wagner

Vanessa Zwiesele

Waldemar Hartmann

Whitney Burkes

Yasmin Zaror